I'm Patricia from Kairn, learning how to build a top Product Hunt campaign

hi there :wave:

I’m Patricia the founder of Kairn, we’re a day-to-day project mgt app to stop fire-fighting and start progressing :smirk:. We’re currently working on our Product Hunt (PH) launch and are looking for best tips (and sharing what we learn).

For those who don’t know PH, it’s the place where you advertise your MVP and get initial interest from users. People get to upvote your product and if you’re high up, it will def help with acquisition but also funding (you become the trendy topic). It’s like the 1st day of HighSchool, you really wanna shine :sweat_smile:.

We’re doing a lot of xploration and would be super SUPER interested in getting your insider tips for all those who have gone through the drills :pray:.

Here are our top 5 findings

  1. Get >500 votes that’s when people start to consider you seriously
  2. When people sign up first time on PH to upvote you => you get negative points in the algorithm that says who’s Product of the Day
  3. Post your PH at 00:01am PST, then it’s a 24H ride to Hell
  4. GIFs work way better than screens, and to do high quality gifs nothing beats Quicktime + Zamzar
  5. Put as many people as possible in your Makers (anyone who’s contributed to the project), and ask each of them to upvote >1 product everyday for the 2 weeks before the launch

Can’t wait to hear yours.
(FYI we share on Twitter our daily discoveries )

Cheers and have a kick ass day,