I’m PJ Bouten, Co-Founder and former CEO of Showpad. I’d love to share my experience and lessons learned from scaling Showpad from zero to a global +€75M in ARR Business with this community! AMA

Thanks a ton @pjbouten :pray:

Will work to tell the grand vision to Early prospects and customers.

Product Update:

We are sprinting hard to release the private beta by Oct 15th. Will keep the forum and you updated. :+1:

Would be happy to send you a demo product video. Will focus on framing the grand vision. :grinning:


Hey @pjbouten, thanks a lot for sharing your experience!

We’re building Passionfroot, an operating system for creators to manage their business. We’re based in Europe and raised our $ 3.4m pre-seed round from Creandum and US angels such as Vlad (Webflow) and creators like Ali Abdaal.

As we’re creating a new category and as the creator economy is global and mostly online, we’re building from Day 1 a global company and product that helps creators monetize around the world. This brings a lot of complexities especially in terms of payments and taxes as our early users are based both in Europe and the US and deal with cross-border transactions.

What are Do’s and Dont’s for European startups who have a global ambition and build products for a global customer base from Day 1. Anything you would do differently?


Thanks @pjbouten! Love how you’ve thought about incrementally shaping a category with a focus on product and service, and only then thinking about getting the message out there vs the other way around. And totally agree on the distinctions and overlaps both self-serve and enterprise motions share.


Thanks, PJ, for taking the time to address questions from the great vantage of shaping Showpad into a global, enterprise SaaS brand! :sunflower:

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And thanks, as ever, to Relay founders for their deep, probing questions! :raised_hands:t4:

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