About the What Am I Missing category

Have a burning question you’d like to pool ideas and perspectives on? Get talking with your fellow SaaS founders! Start a new conversation or participate in one of the ongoing threads.

Our goal with WAIM (What Am I Missing) is to enable a collective exploration of individual challenges, and pool in together all that gets figured out in silos. We are hoping that this space transcends a typical forum and instead provides you the space to have important, thoughtful conversations.

And to ensure that, we ask of you, a few things: when asking a question, please share all the context that would help someone answer your question best, and when responding to someone’s question, please be thoughtful, contextual, and kind. That’s that. :))

Other than that, all questions are welcomed and so are all answers. Here’s some housekeeping.

How to ask a question:

  • Go to the “What Am I Missing” category and hit “+ New Topic”.
  • Add a quick summary of your question to the title. And add relevant context in the post. The context will help others understand you better and offer more personalized advice.
  • Next, hit “+ Create Topic” to submit the question.

How to participate in an ongoing discussion:

  • Check out the ongoing conversations under the “What Am I Missing” category.
  • Click the one(s) you can offer help or additional perspective on.
    Quick note: We encourage you to consider the context provided in the question and try and share your personal anecdotes and experiences. We’ve seen that while generic advice has its own value, personal experiences, esp. in regards to something as active and dynamic as building a startup, are the most helpful and reassuring. :slight_smile:
  • Hit “Reply” to reply to the question and add your response in the dialogue box that pops up.
  • Next, hit “Reply” to finish responding.