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Ever since Jan 23rd, 2020, when EnjoyHQ’s co-founder, Sofia Quintero, drafted and shared her earnest notes on starting up, Relay has been home to brilliantly reflective and context-rich thinking from founders across geos, markets, and philosophies.

Spanning wide-ranging AMAs, interviews, and 100s of founder-to-founder exchanges, Relay is SaaS’s transformative, community-driven second brain; documenting the many, many diverse ways of building and scaling SaaS businesses.

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Wondering where to get started?

How about musing along with fellow founders looking inward?

“Running a business stretches you in ways you can’t predict. It’s a self-discovery process that I never experienced in any other job, no matter how much responsibility I had.”

"I think it took me a long time to develop a true sense of intellectual honesty and to be risk-seeking rather than risk-averse while operating an early-stage company.”

"One simple thing that we can all do when asked about how we’re doing by another founder is to present a balanced view.”

Working through some PMF challenges? Here are some founders probing the itches, categories, and beliefs that have shaped our understanding of PMF:

"I think the common trait of ‘scratching your own itch’ as a successful starting point for entrepreneurs is muddied with survivorship bias and the inability to measure what could have been.”

“You can put your thumb over the end of a hose and it’ll cause water to come out faster, but it kind of masks how big the original opening actually is. The niche thing is like that”

"Teams often jump to building a solution for a customer they know, which is typically themselves, and they struggle to understand how other people out there might differ.”

Processing what to make of the many, perplexing forms of capital?

“Think of bootstrapping as a tool, not as a way of life”

“Money will run out when you’re building something from scratch”

“Honestly, I don’t think Referral Rock would have made it as a VC backed business. A lot more was learned about our customers, market, and behaviors because of the slower pace we moved that had less pressure.”

“This was part of our motivation in raising debt to buy out our investors. We wanted to be able to make those decisions and not have to explain them to folks outside of Wistia.”

Considering the bounds of SaaS’s fabled growth lever — pricing?

“Between value positioning, pricing psychology etc it feels more like alchemy than science.”

“…the question a lot of people have on business models is: how are we going to make money?
But the question I have is: How are we going to provide value to our users and help them realize that value at the point of monetization?”

“I’m a huge proponent of having a free plan, I would just sequence it in at the right time.”

“Is per user perfect? Absolutely not. But it’s simple, it’s predictable, and it enables us to maintain good margins.”

Something else on your mind?

Hiring your first salesperson? Answering whether you need to be enterprise-ready yet? Or finding beachhead markets? Learn how fellow founders approach those questions and more by digging into the Relay archives.

And if you’d like to directly seek thoughtful perspectives on any of the SaaS challenges you’ve been pondering over, apply to join Relay, here!

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